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Many Auckland Council-run events are working towards zero waste, including Ambury Farm Day, CultureFest, the Parnell Festival of Roses, and the Music and Movies in Parks series. Auckland Council is here to support other event organisers to do the same.

A zero-waste event is one where careful consideration is given to the products used on site and where these end up post-event. Planning events in this way may result in most event related waste being recycled, composted or avoided altogether, reducing the amount we’re sending to landfill.

It also means that when you go to a zero-waste event, you’re asked to think about the items you are bringing in and what waste they might generate.

If you are an event organiser looking to run a zero-waste event, our team offers:

  • advice on how to reduce your event waste
  • free loan gear, including bin lids, display screens, flags, aprons, litter grabbers and litter bin covers
  • advice and training for you and your vendors on purchasing suitable packaging
  • training for volunteers who may be educating the public in how to dispose of their waste correctly
  • training and equipment for auditing your event waste

Visit to learn more and request free support from one of our advisors.