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Roadside waste collection

Who is entitled to use the roadside waste collection services?

Roadside waste collection services are only available to those properties that pay a waste charge under their rates, or those who have pre-purchased official Council rubbish bags.

When will my rubbish and recycling be collected?  Do I need to put it out every week?

Please refer to to check your collection day, and to get up-to-date collection information, including delays due to public holidays.

Put your rubbish bags, wheelie bin, recycling crates and securely bundled paper/cardboard on the roadside before 8am on collection day.  It is your choice how frequently to use the service.

How much do the bags or rubbish bin cost?

If you pay a waste charge under your rates, you can opt to use a bin or an annual allocation of 52 official Auckland Council rubbish bags. Rubbish bag allocations are provided each year and are covered by the waste charge. For those not paying a waste charge, official Auckland Council rubbish bags can be purchased from the Aotea Great Barrier Island Service Centre and some local stores.

Where do I purchase bags?

You are able to purchase official 40-litre or 60-litre Auckland Council orange rubbish bags from the Aotea Great Barrier Island Service Centre from Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5pm. 60-litre council rubbish bags may also be available for purchase from these stores. Prices may vary:

    • Stonewall Store - 82 Blackwell Drive, Tryphena
    • Port Fitzroy General Store - 2070 Aotea Road, Port Fitzroy
    • Claris Store - 129 Hector Sanderson Road, Claris

What is the cost of rubbish bags?

Official Auckland Council rubbish bags are available at the service centre at a cost of $4.00 each for a 40-litre bag, and $5.30 each for a 60-litre bag. Waste disposal expenses are significantly higher for the Hauraki Gulf Islands than they are on the mainland and purchasing council rubbish bags means that people are now paying a contribution towards the cost of disposal.  Auckland Council is still subsidising the total cost of waste disposal through regional rates.

What do I need to do if I want to get a rubbish bin?

If you would prefer a 120-litre rubbish bin, instead of using the official Auckland Council plastic rubbish bags, you need to opt in to receive a bin.  To opt in, please visit the Aotea Great Barrier Island Service Centre or contact them on 258 (09 4290 258). 

Please note: Properties on non-serviceable roads may not be suitable for a rubbish bin service. Consolidation points may not be suitable for rubbish bins. If you want to use a rubbish bin but need to use a consolidation point, you can make a request which will be assessed.

Your rubbish bin must be returned to within your property boundary within 24 hours of collection. If your bin is left, it may be removed permanently.

Can I change my rubbish bin to a larger or smaller size?

Currently larger or smaller bins are not available on Aotea Great Barrier Island.

Contact the Aotea Great Barrier Island Service Centre on 258 (09 4290 258) to:

  • See if you can opt in for waste services
  • Request a repair or replacement to your wheelie bin
  • Find out where your assigned consolidation point is if you do not live on a serviceable road

Roadside recycling collection service

Sort your plastic, glass, aluminium, and tins into your two, 60-litre yellow recycling crates. They’ll be emptied every week on your usual collection day.  Please flatten and securely bundle paper and cardboard and place next to the recycling crates on the roadside on collection day (maximum of 120-litres - equivalent volume of two recycling crates). If you have excess recycling,  you may drop it off for free at the Community Recycling Centre.

Keep your cardboard dry - if it's looking wet outside on collection day, hold off putting your cardboard and paper out till another week. Wet paper and cardboard is not acceptable for recycling and usually has to be sent to landfill. If you can use it at home, wet cardboard can be great mulch for your garden, helping to keep weeds down, especially over winter. Worms love it too - either in a worm farm or compost bin, or laid straight on the ground to add organic matter.

Other waste services

Food scraps and garden waste

If you want to manage your organic waste at home, you could set up home composting or a worm farm or bokashi bin.  For more information on these options, visit:  

Sharewaste is also operating on Aotea and connects people who want to recycle their inorganic waste to make more soil and grow produce or feed their animals. Visit or download the app to find someone local who wants your food scraps or garden cuttings to turn into compost.

Alternatively, your unwanted organic waste can be dropped off to Anamata Community Recycling Centre, the community gardens compost facility at Medlands (located next to the St John’s op shop), or to the community compost bin at Mulberry Grove School (check first to see what is and isn’t accepted).

For more information, contact the local Aotea Great Barrier Island Service Centre on 258 (09 4290 258) or the call centre on 09 301 0101.